Videos and Web Sites


Oakleaf club member, Jack Bahm, frequently records and posts helpful Model A maintenance and repair YouTube videos. Jack also makes recordings of club events or outings.

Below are links to the Oakleaf Model A YouTube videos and recommended web sites:

Oakleaf Tours/Outings — YouTube video clips by club member Jack Bahm with his infamous flip cam. Enjoy!

Ford Model A (How-To Videos) — 125 YouTube video clips by Jack Bahm.

Ford Model A How-To Videos) - Same 125 Jack Bahm videos posted to this website.

How the Oakleaf Model A Club Starts their Meetings — YouTube video clip by Jack Bahm

Detroit News: All the World Waited For It — Watch Edsel Ford drive the first Model A


M.A.R.C. - Model A Ford Restorer's Club

Model A Basics — A good website explaining how things work on a Model A Ford