2019-05-04 Michigan Roundup

Six Model A’s, a modern and a 1959 Buick traveled 423 delightful miles to and from the Model A Roundup in Muskegon, hosted by the Portside As. There was barely a hiccup or delay as all cars made the trip successfully. Bob Jordan did an exemplary job of leading to and from. Nellie Franzel provided the narrative directions and pointed out sites of interest. Red Rider, Hannah and Dave Lievens, led as the local tour guides. Cori, Nellie and Jennifer won at Chicken. Bill Franzel, Jim Zellen, Dennis Debusschere, Reed Brown, Herb von Rusten, Gary Frankel and his side kick (chief mechanic) Ed provided expert mechanical information as non was needed. Lillian von Rusten and Karen Brown were gracious navigators.

The Portside A’s did a wonderful job and were supported by 126 registered guests. (Submitted by Jim Zellen)