2017-07-08 Belle Isle

The Belle Isle trip was a huge success. The weather was near perfect, all cars again made the trip without a hiccup, and the smiles on the faces of everyone that saw our cars and heard our fantastic horns, was heartwarming. Members that didn't participate in this trip missed a rare opportunity.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised at the beauty of the island park, and the attractions to be seen. The Dossin Great Lakes Museum was a major highlight for club members. The views from our picnic spot were spectacular and the picnic lunch was a gourmet's delight. The best part may have been our entrance to the park. With a long line of Model A's in behind, your president decided to go where no Model A has been before, pulled around the line of modern cars waiting to pay their entry fee, and drove right past the "toll booth", for a free entry to the park.

Special thanks to Jim Dixon, who arrived at the park at 6:30 to stake out our picnic spot, and parking area. All in all, it was a fantastic day. (Submitted by Rod Cotter)