2016-06-11 Ford Village

A thousand thanks to Chuck and Joanne Forbes for organizing an excellent club outing to Henry Ford Village and Fair Lane! The visit with residents and lunch at the Henry Ford Village (retirement community) was wonderful. The stroll around the monument garden was truly fantastic.

The greatest surprise of the day, however, was when we arrived at Fair Lane, The Henry Ford Estate . We we were treated to a very detailed tour or the interior or the mansion, by a highly knowledgeable young lady. Though the 56 room mansion is currently undergoing restoration, we were able to poke around every room, including the power plant. This was a once in a lifetime experience for most of us. (Submitted by Rod Cotter)

The day started with the club meeting McDonald's in Royal Oak.

Next we visited the Henry Ford Village retirement community.

While we were visiting the Henry Ford Village, past club member

and Henry Ford Village resident, Dan Johnson (below), joined us!

Following a short drive we arrived at Fair Lane, The Henry Ford Estate.